Who we are

We are very passionate about tea. From flower tea, traditional Chinese tea, green tea to french rose tea and others, we are very eager to share some really useful recipes with other tea lovers who are into healthy living.

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Oolong tea, apple flower tea, rose tea, green tea, herbal tea and other traditional tea are known to have many health benefits. It was even said that tea can help prevent cancer, diabetes, reducing the risk of heart diseases, boost immune system and may help with weight loss.

 "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that's kind of the same thing"


History of Tea

According to history, tea originated from China as Emperor Shen Tung was intrigued by the tea leaves falling into his boiling water. He was immediately taken by it as the boiling water releases a pleasant scent. This resulted in the Emperor brewing and drinking it. This was recorded in 2732 BC, almost 5000 years ago. Today, tea has become an important part of many people's lives, owing gratitude to his majesty for introducing such a great drink to the world. Tea became part of the healthy diet of some people in their daily lives. Many research have shown that tea actually improve your health. The type of tea that you consume makes a difference as each tea has its own unique benefit.


Our Recipes

Teas are even more enjoyable when it is mixed together for greater health benefits and better taste. We have experimented all the recipes and found it rather incumbent to share it with all the tea lovers in the world to get a taste of what we think is the best. Try it out and let us know!


Our Tea Products

At the moment, Dillon's Tea Recipes is just reselling other brand's tea products for your convenience in trying out the recipes.