Great for slimming and for skin health! Oolong tea, apple flower tea plus french rose tea combination

Oolong Tea + Apple Flower Tea + French Rose Tea


Oolong tea Singapore

Oolong Tea is traditionally a favorite among many Asians. It is also immensely popular in Singapore. It is a traditional Chinese tea with many health benefits such as improving metabolism and decreasing the fat percentage in the body while improving tooth and bone strength. It may also prevents diabetes, certain cancers and improves brain and heart health. Fantastic, isn't it?

Source: Healthline

Apple Flower Tea Singapore

Apple Flower Tea is really great for slimming and beauty. Firstly, it improves digestion and clear excess fat. It is also known to clear acne and lighten pigmentation. Other than that, it is great for preventing hypertension.

French Rose Tea Singapore

French Rose Tea is known for improving oily skin condition and helping to clear toxins from the body. With its naturally high antioxidants, it helps protects the body and skin from free radicals which are harmful to both. Other beauty benefits include keeping a radiant complexion, reduce aging, increase pore stability and helping to remove dark spots. It is also known as a remedy for dysentery, diarrhea and gastro enteritis and constipation.

With the combination of these 3, you have one powerhouse of healthy mix for slimming and for beauty.


1) 6 oolong tea leaves
2) 1 teaspoon of apple flower tea
3) 5 french rose tea leaves

Mix them with a glass of fully boiled hot water. Serve after 15 minutes.

When can you consume?
Best time to consume this is after meal as it works best to clear your excess fats and ensure that it is not stored.

What can you achieve?
One warning though, you may feel hungry again after a few hours because this great combo increases your metabolism so quickly. Just beware that you don't overeat.

Any side effects?
No purging effect. This recipe will just make you urinate oil.

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* Please note that this tea recipe may not be suitable for pregnant mothers