Reposted: The encounter with ghosts and extraordinary kind

*I wrote this many years ago. Just reposted it.

This is my real life experience and it is no fiction or made-up stories. As a child, I have seen many extraordinary things that are difficult to explain and which many would find it hard to believe. When I was a kid, I have no idea about ghosts or anything like that so I have absolutely no idea, which one is my first encounter. I used to live in the old happy garden area together with my family. I have always thought of them as a guest of my family and I would constantly tell my mum, my sister and my brother about some people hanging out in our house. I used to clap my hand witnessing a small little girl playing with the chair in the living hall and it always got mum puzzled. When I told her what I saw, she was horrified.


I said “Ma, there’s this small little sister playing with the chair.”

“Nonsense” said my mum.

I then replied, “ It’s true. Can’t you see her? She’s swinging round and round with the chair over there.”

I soon learned that I was not the only one and that my whole family has the ability of seeing these things back then. My brother used to tell my mum and dad about the fact that there was an old man constantly standing near to him and observing him when he was washing his school shoes in the washroom. He too thought that he was a guest of our family. Mum believed everything that we told her because she has seen those things herself but not Dad. He thinks that it is bollocks and that we are making up stories. That was until he had seen it himself that he started to believe us.

It was only when I was 5 that I realized those extraordinary kind that I saw were not human. I started to freak out during one encounter, which I will remember for the rest of my life. I can assure you that this is not an illusion or nightmare. Till today I feel chilly whenever I mention this to anyone. I was lying down on the floor in the living hall when the same small little girl that I used to see all the time flew past me. She was looking at me in the eyes. She was sitting on something like cotton or cloud, I’m not so sure. I was freaked out. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move, my body wont allows me to. I was that scared. The whole experience was a freaking 10 seconds. This cannot be an illusion. After a minute of what has happened that I managed to regain myself to normal and I ran to my aunt. She was then staying with our family and was on the verge of getting married.

I said “Ah Yi (auntie) help. I saw a little girl flying! I saw a little girl flying! She just flew past me and disappeared!”

“No worries boy. I will use the hair blower to blow her off if she ever comes back to haunt you” replied my Aunt.

These days, she pissed herself laughing for saying that to me every time when we talked about what had happened that day.

What I saw that day would forever be with me. I was not dreaming. It was real. I don’t dare to walk out to anywhere. I stayed close to my aunt, as I was too frightened. At night I would sleep with my parents after telling them what I saw. After that, I realized that those extraordinary kinds that I saw were not humans. I became really terrified. I don’t hangout in the living hall like I used to be anymore. I would follow my mum everywhere she goes. She would be very annoyed. She would locked me up in the house while she was hanging clothes outside and I would cry and try to squeeze myself through the gate in order to get out of the house to be with her. I was that terrified. One day, I followed my mum to the kitchen (As usual, I wouldn’t want to be alone). Curiosity gets the best out of me. I was wondering if I could still see those things. So I take a peep at the living hall. What I witnessed next terrified me just as much as the first one. A tall dark man, all dressed up in purple came out from my brother’s room and walked straight into the wall and disappeared. The whole scene took like 3 to 4 seconds. I instantly told my mum and we were both freaked out.

According to my parents the area where we were staying has a bad fengshui. Funerals were occasional there. My deepest condolence to my former neighbors who had lost their loved ones. The family staying next to my house, on the right, lost almost everyone. Only 2 survived and 1 of them became insane. She has not recovered and she’s still without senses. Till now whenever I drove past Jalan Selesa 1 in the old Happy Garden area, I would feel uncomfortable because the whole area is just so spooky.

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