Reposted: The encounter with ghosts and extraordinary kind – Part 2

*I wrote this many years ago. Just reposted it.

From time to time, we keep shifting houses because of Dad. We soon sold off the house in Happy Garden and moved briefly to a nearby area, the Continental Park before shifting to Kluang. During my stay in Continental Park, I did not witness anything unusual but my mum did. She used to tell me that she saw some flying shadows opposite of our house and that she felt uncomfortable staying in a big house with nobody except her at home during daytime. My sister, brother and I would be off to school. Dad would be working and left my poor mum alone. We rented that house temporarily. After a short stay, we shifted to Kluang. Personally, I did not witness anything there as well. I don’t remember if mum or dad or anyone else did but even if there was, it is not as bad as Happy Garden. It was when we shifted from Kluang to SS5 in Petaling Jaya that started all the horror again.

By the time when I was 8, we moved to PJ. I was excited to be staying in PJ because I will be staying nearby my cousins. When I was a kid, I’m extremely close to my cousins, Mei Li and Mei Yau. We were inseparable. We would be hanging out together everyday. Little did I know that our whole family would have to go through all the horror again.

I remember one night when I was sleeping, there was something standing really close to me. I felt so uncomfortable. When I turned around, it disappeared instantly. I was freaked out and I couldn’t sleep. Till now I don’t know why I kept kicking the window that annoyed the hell out of my brother who was sleeping in the same room as me. I think I was scared and I wanted attention. I didn’t have the best of sleep that night. The next day I told my mum and dad that I wanna sleep with them in the masterbed room. Mum understands that I am seeing those things again. She allowed me to but dad was alittle annoyed. I couldn’t care much. I can’t sleep with my brother. That thing wouldn’t let me sleep, I thought. So I started to share the same room with mum and dad again. I will be sleeping alone instead of sharing the same bed with my mum and dad. I thought by sleeping with my parents would be my easy way out of the horror. I was wrong. The first night when I was sleeping in my parents’ room, I saw many weird images on the towel hanging nearby. I was not dreaming. I rubbed my eyes and saw the images changes really quickly. It was like human faces. Scary. I decided to turn to the other side in order to avoid seeing it. Worst. I saw an old Granny standing by the door.


I can’t see her body. I can only see her face. What’s more terrifying is, she is looking straight at me. I screamed out as loud as I could to my parents. They were of course, annoyed. I’ve got no choice. I was too frightened. After some words of comfort from mum as usual, I amazingly fell asleep.

I know the next day would be punishing, as I know I may have to face the same thing all over again. As expected, the same images appeared. The granny is still there, same goes for all the other human faces that I saw. Maybe I just got sick of it. I just got sick of screaming out to my parents so I decided to fight back. I decided to stare back at the granny and I told myself I am not going to be afraid of her forever. I told myself I am going to sleep while facing her. Calmly, I closed my eyes but curiosity struck. What if I open my eyes and she’s gone? I thought to myself. So I decided to open my eyes and check if she’s still there. No chance. She’s always there. She wouldn’t go. So I gave up. I fell asleep again amazingly. Maybe I was just too tired after a few restless nights. Night after night, the human images and the granny kept me company until I was 9 when I moved back to my brother’s room.

On the other hand, I found out that I’m not the only one who is living in fear. According to my sister, she saw a group of people walking up the stairs slowly and disappeared into the wall. My mum also witnessed another extraordinary scene. Miss Tan, at the time when we’re staying in PJ, rented a small room downstairs. One day, my mum saw 2 versions of her in a matter of 1 minute. One was going to her own room to take an afternoon nap and the other version of her was going to the washroom. Her suspicion is that the one who is heading to the washroom is not human. Simple reason was she didn’t close the door after going in and my mum went to check out the washroom in a while and there’s no one there. I can confirm some of the extraordinary scene that I saw is during broad daylight. They don’t come out only at night as what most people perceived. They can be anywhere at anytime. They wont bother you if you don’t bother them.

When I was 11, we moved to Seri Petaling. Dad was the first one to move in as he went there just to clean up the house and decided to put up a night. It was the first time my dad saw the extraordinary kind or otherwise known as spirit or ghost. He saw a black shadow passing by and he was petrified. After that day, dad believed everything that we told him as he had few other experiences during our stay in Seri Petaling. As for me, I once saw a group of human faces standing outside listening to my mum as she was telling religious stories to my neighbors and me. Just the faces as I cant see their bodies. When I was 12, my mum and I prayed to God for help. We asked the Lord to bless us and help us, as we don’t wish to see those things ever again. Thanks to God, I am now living a normal life.

There will be people who think that everything that I’ve said here is bollocks. I don’t care. It is up to you to believe it or not. I am telling you what I’ve seen and I am not trying to imagine a made-up horror story for you. Nevertheless, what I’ve seen and experienced, shall remain in my memory forever.

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