Some of the worst people in the world are in the church

A place of holy worshipers. A spirit of congeniality, brotherhood, etc? Not always so!

So you step in to a church. You expect all the warm greetings, obviously, because you are new. You are made to feel welcome. Then you realized, all that are just honeymoon period. Things are about to get real.

Some of the most narrow-minded, mean, selfish and fake people are actually in this place too. Often, it is a place of comfort to many. It is a place of hope. It offers so much peace and knowledge about God which are all good. Unfortunately, as with any places that have more than 5 human beings, politics and tension quickly come into your life.

An event that left a sour taste forever

It was a party, just a get together event organised by the church. When I first joined this event, I truly love it. It was a gathering for working adults to share stories of their lives and you get to know many different people from all kind of backgrounds. Above all, it was a very inspiring event. So inspiring that it actually convinced me to join the church. Then one day, at the same event which I joined 3 or 4 times by now already, I make a harmless joke that broke the peace. I arrived early and the event has not started. One of the seniors of the church was there. I took a photo of him sleeping and share it. To me, it was just a joke. But he took it so seriously, he actually left the event and complained to my Pastors. Maybe, he didn’t like the joke. Maybe he was right to be unhappy about it. But as a senior of the church, I guess being the bigger person sets a good example to a junior like me. He could have confronted me directly. But instead he choose to make a big case out of it. Of course, I was told off by my Pastors who advised me to apologize. As I make my way to the church on Sunday, I found the guy whom I had offended. He saw me and his first reaction was to avoid me and look away. I was thinking “Great! What a wimp!”. What a small person is he? Of course I have to be the bigger person in this situation. I ran and caught up with him and apologized swiftly. He probably does not want to be seen as an unforgiving small-minded person, quickly made up with me. But the way he make a big fuss from this and the way he dissed me when I try to confront him, truly left a sour taste to me. Aren’t Christian supposed to be forgiving and loving?

Another joke that created a big hoo-ha

I guess friends who knew me well, know that I love to joke. It was just a harmless joke. It happened in just a few seconds. That was the few seconds I wished I didn’t had. This girl in the church was in charge of coffee and food on that very unfortunate day when I bumped into her. She invited me to try the food and coffee and I cheekily rejected stating that I am full just by looking at her. I burst out laughing and swiftly told her that I was just joking. But she took it so seriously that she hated me from that moment. I had to apologize like God knows how many times and I know in my heart, she still hates me. So I again confronted her one fine day. She ignored me and quickly turned away. I braved up and confronted her again and I told her that I was terribly sorry. I was just making a very lame joke which I didn’t know would cause such a furor. She bluntly said it was okay but I could see it in her that she still hates me. Gosh! All for a lame joke. I was thinking, ” What a disgraceful Christian”. As if I had killed her entire family, and burned her house. All the hatred just because of one lame joke. So there you go. Church does have this kind of people.

Other incidents

If you want to go to a place whereby you get dissed by people after smiling to them, just go to the church! You will get at least 30% of such people doing that to you. There are many more small incidents which took place which are not worth mentioning but you get my meaning! Mean people does exist in the church. It’s not always that holy.


I think it is not too hard to guess that I don’t joke anymore. At least not with people that I don’t trust can take a joke. And I don’t smile that often anymore. I’ll return a smile and a greeting if I received one from people or else I couldn’t be bothered.

Apart from all that, it is still a very good place to learn about God and it provides a lot of peacefulness and calmness to my life. Just that I would stay the hell away from people. You wouldn’t know which bomb would trigger next.

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